March 2016: Although I really wish to do a new Menhunting Club comic I still have no time and energy left. At least here is a message, just click picture above to get the larger image.



A little 4-panel comic strip about what makes someone a Valentine or even more … was online until May 15th.


A story from the Menhunting Club: A new hunt begins – but it is not the hunt the men on Zaroff’s Island expected. They find themselves tracked down by a hunter who intends to make them his new prey.

25 pages done – but still in progress!



02/14/2013: A little Valentine Special … Sorry, you’re late!!!


The hunt is over! From April to October I posted 31 pages of “Hunting Exercise”, a story about the Menhunting Club. Done mainly as my personal training in drawing the story is so to speak “sketchbook work”. Only black frames and letters added on computer. Thanks to those who supported me with their comments and/or their donations.

Click on images for sample pages 1, 11, 12 from “Hunting Exercise” Part I & II:



4 Responses to Webcomics

  1. Jeff says:

    I hope you’ll continue this story, I want to know more! The hunter is VERY hot (as is the flying man.)

  2. phobehr says:

    Hello! Just came across your site while looking at the “Hearts and Iron” site links. I LOVE your style and subject matter of illustration!!

    Yes, please do continue with this webcomic – I LOVE the hunter guy and the big bald hairy guy already!!

  3. CopyrightRH says:

    Thanks for your support!! The story of the hunter will continue, I promise! (Yet it takes quite some time to do these pages & and even more: to find time to do them …)

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